Sunday, 28 March 2010

Quarry & Cuerden Valley Park - 27th March 2010

Today I went to our local quarry and straight away saw the male peregrine but no sign of the female, also no sign of the 2 raven. Firstly I went down to the bottom of the quarry to try and get a photo of the little grebes but when I went down, the little grebes was too far away for my camera. At the bottom of the quarry I saw 3 little grebes, 1 coot, 3 moorhens, 2 Canada geese and 1 domestic goose. After about 10minutes at the bottom of the quarry, the female peregrine came and was flying around, because it was getting cold we headed back up to the top of the quarry and got 1 record shot of the little grebe.
Also I got a photo of the 3 geese.
When I reached the top of the quarry both of the peregrine was flying around and got an alright shot of the peregrine diving, it was a good day at the quarry but no ravens!!
The same afternoon we took the dogs out to Cuerden Valley Park and straight away we saw our first chiffchaff this year!! Also we saw 1 greater spotted woodpecker, blue and great tits, wood pigeon and 3 song thrush. On the way back home we sadly didn’t hear the chiffchaff.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Local quarry - 21st March 2010

There is a local quarry near to where I live, where we have discovered Peregrine and Raven. I have been the sight over the last few weeks and I have now decided to share my sightings from here and other trips. My new blog will include birds, bees, mammals and plants. My most recent trip to the quarry on Sunday morning for about 2 hours. The quarry base is full of water and has a variety of waterfowl, on this visit we saw 3 little grebe, 2 grey wagtails, 4 moorhen, a coot and 2 mallard. On one side of the quarry it is surrounded a small wood and scrubland, in the woodland I saw 5 long-tailed tit, blue and great tit, chaffinch, woodpigeon, 2 song thrush and 2 magpie.
On the cliff face I saw about 75 jackdaws, 3 carrion crows, 2 ravens and 2 peregrines. On the way back to the car I saw 2 buzzards being chased by the two raven.